What are the different types of poker and which should you play online?

Getting into online poker or BandarQ usually means choosing one of the various types of poker to concentrate on playing. At least if you want to win, that is.

What are the different types of poker, and which should you play online for the best results? Read on, as this information may help.


Texas Hold ‘Em — This has been the most popular type of poker both online and off for a number of years now. It is also the game many tables in online casinos offer.

Texas Hold ‘Em stands out as it is a game in which you are dealt just two cards. These cards are called ‘hole cards’, and are the basis of your hand. The rest of the hand you will make up from five communal cards. Cards that are revealed in stages as the game progresses.


Omaha — Very similar to Texas Hold ‘Em in that the dealer in Omaha will deal you four hole cards. It differs quite markedly, however, when it comes to the communal cards, as those are always revealed all at the beginning of the game.

7-Card Stud — Another popular variant to Texas Hold ‘Em poker, 7-Card Stud has that name due to the seven hold cards you will be dealt if you decide to play it. You will immediately be able to see three of these cards, but the other four will be revealed as you pull them.


High/Low Chicago — Not as popular of a type of poker as Omaha or Texas Hold ‘Em, some online casinos still do offer games of this variety.

The game is called this due to a player being able to win the pot if they end up with the highest spade in the game. A spade that must be face down when the cards are checked. This is the High Chicago part of that game.

As you can probably guess, the Low Chicago part of it is a game where the winner of half the pot is chosen if they have the lowest value spade face down.


5-Card Draw — Probably the most simple of all the variants of poker, 5-Card Draw just means you are dealt five cards at the beginning of each poker game.

It is then up to you to calculate how well these cards could do, and then trade one, two or three of them for cards that may be better.


Which variant of poker should you play online? — It does not really matter which you choose to play at an online casino.

The most important thing about the variant you choose is that you enjoy playing it, and you are better at that type of poker than any other.

You will find poker rooms available online for every different type of poker, so just choose the one you love.