What are the top 5 online casino games and are they lucrative to play?

When it comes to the top five online casino games, the first question most people ask before they play them is are they lucrative to play? After all, if you are going to gamble online, you want to have the highest chance possible of winning the most money.


Of course, being lucrative is one of the reasons these top five online casino games are so popular. There are many other reasons as well.


Roulette — Roulette began to be popular in casinos offline when it was featured in movies like the James Bond series of films. It became even more popular when roulette was easy to find at a myriad of online casinos. Especially when people began to realize how easy of a game it is to play, and how high their chances of winning could be.


Roulette has stayed popular due to the rules of the game being easy to learn, and because it is fast-paced and has a low house advantage.


Poker — Millions of the offline poker players simply moved their gameplay online when poker became available at just about every judi online casino. Nowadays, poker is one of the top five online casino games in almost every online casino.


It is a game that always has poker rooms available online. It often has large pots, making it lucrative to play. It has also become so popular on the Internet that there are now many large online poker tournaments to enter and play in. These tournaments have large monetary prizes, making the game even more popular again.


Blackjack — For players who want to play games with the lowest house advantage, blackjack is the game they immediately gravitate towards. After all, it is the game you are much more likely to win when playing than almost any other.


It is also a game that is played against the dealer, so it does not matter how well or how poorly other players at the table do.


Keno — Keno has become popular due to its popularity around Asia. As Asian players moved their gambling online, keno came with them.


It is also a game other online gamblers enjoy playing as it is easy to play. The player just chooses 15 numbers out of a possible 80, and then waits for the keno machine to whittle those numbers down to 20. It is then just a case of matching your numbers against the 20 drawn to see how much, if anything, you will win.


Slot machines — The slots will always be one of the top five online casino games. There are hundreds of different types to play and, if you win one of the jackpots, the payout can be enormous.


For many people as well, playing the slots was always what they did offline. That is why, when they moved to online gambling, they immediately gravitated towards their favorite type of game.