Why do young adults enjoy playing online poker so much?

With online poker finding a large following in just about every demographic, you still may be surprised to learn one of the fastest growing demographics that love playing online poker are young adults. For all intents and purposes, those under the age of 30.

Why do young adults enjoy playing online poker so much? For reasons you may never have thought about.

Young adults are Internet-savvy — Probably the biggest reason why young adults enjoy playing poker online so much is because they are Internet-savvy.

So, while older adults may manage to play online poker, but still may struggle during some of the more complicated exchanges, young adults find playing online poker to be fun and easy.


A huge number of poker games — There are hundreds of online casinos and tens of thousands of poker tables to join on the Internet. That means any young person wanting to play online poker has an enormous number of games to choose from.

Compare that to the problems they may have getting enough people together offline to play a game of poker, and some young adults may think they have found the Holy Grail.


Poker 24-hours-a-day — Online poker games are available 24-hours-a-day on every day of the year. This has made playing poker so incredibly convenient for young adults, casinos have sometimes been able to grab their attention from online video games to online poker instead.


No poker face needed — Some people are just not very good at creating a poker face so their opponents do not know they are cheating. Playing live you have to be good at it. If you are not, you will find yourself losing quite often.

Online, however, there is no need for a poker face as nobody can see you. This can be a disadvantage as you cannot see your opponents’ expressions either but, if you are terrible at concealing your emotions, it is the perfect opportunity for you.


Online bonuses — Young adults in particular love to be given online bonuses, many of which are free cash to play with.

You would rarely if ever be given a free cash bonus offline, but online that is the norm. This allows people to play more hands and to enjoy themselves even more.


The risk factor — Younger adults usually enjoy taking risks more often than those over the age of 30. Playing online poker is fraught with risks, and young adults love that. Particularly as their chances of winning online are less than if they played live.

Playing online poker on sites like 389poker is fast-paced, fun, exciting and risky. It also offers free online cash bonuses, a huge number of tables to play at and games that are far faster than those played live.

No wonder online poker has become so popular with a large percentage of young adults.